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Solicitation Form

The Solicitation Form is a way for a Soliciting Firm to reach out to Recipient Firms to work together on federally funded transportation projects in Arizona. The Soliciting Firm is the firm sending out a request for bids or proposals via email. The Recipient Firms are the recipients of the Solicitation Form emails from the Soliciting Firm. The benefit of the Solicitation Form is that it can be used to contact firms for specific types of work that the Soliciting Firm would like to solicit bids or proposals for, for a specific project, based on information that the Recipient Firms have provided on their AZ UTRACS firm profile. The Soliciting Firm will provide the project details and select criteria based on the type of work that they would like to subcontract out. Once the Solicitation Form is submitted, the Soliciting Firm will receive email verification and get access to the list of the recipients once the emails to the recipients are sent out; the Recipient Firms will be sent an email with the details about the project that the Soliciting Firm provided on the Solicitation Form. There will be a delay between when the Solicitation Form is submitted and when the confirmation email is received; this is because AZ UTRACS support will review submitted solicitations to ensure that the Solicitation Form is being used for the intended purpose as described within the disclaimer below.

Because the Solicitation Form leverages AZ UTRACS firm registrations, the Soliciting Firms can pinpoint specific types of firms based on what the potential Recipient Firm’s listed on their registration in addition to what the firm is currently certified for. This includes types of work, certifications, the locations that the firm is willing to work within, and more. This form was created to assist Soliciting Firm’s with quickly and effectively targeting firms that fit the type of work that they are interested in pairing with on a project. Because this Form leverages active AZ UTRACS registrations, Soliciting Firms should encourage any firm who contacts them about a project to register in AZ UTRACS. The emails generated by this Solicitation Form will not be sent to firms who are not actively registered in AZ UTRACS. See who is registered in the AZ UTRACS directory.

A Solicitation Form may be submitted by any employee in a firm with the appropriate access to do so, as long as the firm has an active AZ UTRACS registration.* The use of this Form is not limited to prime contractors or prime consultants. See the box on the right for more information about access.

Once the appropriate access has been established, a firm employee can log into the AZ UTRACS system, quickly create a Solicitation Form, and submit it for review. Solicitation Forms can also be saved and submitted at a later time so that a firm employee can add to it over time as the project scope is refined. For convenience, the system also boasts the ability to copy from previously submitted Solicitations to help save time if your firm frequently subs out similar types of work.


  • Recipient Firms may opt out of receiving Solicitation Form emails at any time.
  • If a Recipient Firm does not have up-to-date contact information on their profile, the email may not be sent to the firm successfully. It is the Recipient Firm’s responsibility to keep their contact information up-to-date. ADOT is not responsible for emails that are not delivered successfully.
  • Soliciting Firms that use this Solicitation Form are communicating on behalf of their firm; because of that, the Form should be used carefully and deliberately. The Solicitation Form is only a method of communication provided by ADOT as a convenience for firms wishing to work together.
  • For DBE contract goal good faith efforts, the bidder/proposer should solicit as early in the acquisition process as practicable to allow DBEs to respond to the solicitation and submit a timely offer for the subcontract. See contract specifications for more details.
  • The links and information provided within the Solicitation email is not a product of ADOT. The inclusion of a link does not constitute an official endorsement, guarantee, or approval by ADOT. ADOT neither endorses or has any responsibility for damages as a result of visiting links, nor exercises any control over the organizations' views or the accuracy of the content. Any damages that may result from the use of the links listed on the Solicitation Form emails are the sole responsibility of the firm that used the Solicitation Form to send out the email.
  • This Solicitation Form is not to be used for commercial purposes as defined in ARS § 39-121.03(D). If you intend to use the information for commercial purposes as defined in ARS § 39-121.03(D), please contact ADOT Business Engagement and Compliance Office at 602.712.7761 or 1801 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85007, prior to doing so. Improper use of AZ UTRACS and/or the Solicitation Form will result in rejected Solicitation Form requests and the deactivation of your profile.

For help with the Solicitation Form, contact the Business Engagement and Compliance Office by email at or call 602.712.8000.


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* Access to Solicitation Form

The AZ UTRACS registration process requires a firm to establish a Primary and Secondary contact. These two individuals have access to all aspects of AZ UTRACS for that firm and may grant access for other firm employees to various sections of AZ UTRACS, including the Solicitation Form, as needed. Your firm profile will show the Primary and Secondary contacts.

Firms that do not have an active AZ UTRACS registration may not submit a Solicitation Form until an active AZ UTRACS Registration is established.

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