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Report and Confirm Payments (Contract Compliance)

In accordance with CFR 49 Part 26.29, ADOT’s contract requirements include payment reporting for all federally funded ADOT and subrecipient agency contracts. This process allows ADOT to track utilization of DBE, ACDBE, and SBC firms for reporting to the USDOT. It also ensures that both federal and state prompt pay requirements are met on all contracts.

Contracts are entered into the DBE system and agency personnel monitor DBE utilization and prompt pay throughout the life of the contract. Once a contract is entered into the ADOT DBE System, Prime Contractors and Prime Consultants are required to report payments made monthly to every subcontractor or subconsultant paid on the project. Sanctions will be applied to Primes contractors/consultants for not complying with this requirement.

Subcontractors, SBCs, ACDBEs, and DBEs are ALL required to confirm, monthly, that a payment was received. Subs provide the payment date, payment amount, and any discrepancies to the data reported by the Prime.

ADOT’s DBE system provides the mechanism for this reporting.

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