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Desert Archaeology, Inc.

Firm Information
Desert Archaeology, Inc.
3975 N. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona 85716
Patricia Castalia
Firm Description

Mapping/GIS Services

Firm Registrations and Certifications
DBE/ACDBE Certified NAICS and Descriptions
[541720] - Archeological research and development services / [541620] - Environmental consulting services / [541690] - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Firm Capabilities

Air Quality
Archaeological/Historical Surveys/Studies
Biological Consulting
Demographic Study (for Traffic Planning)
Diversity Issues/Minority Impact Study
Dust Control
Environmental Data Analysis and Reporting
Environmental Documents (CE, EA, and or EO)
Environmental Field Data and Collection Analysis
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Environmental Mitigation Compliance
Environmental Planning
Environmental Remediation Services
Erosion Control (Engineering Design Services)
Feasibility Study
Financial/Economic Analysis
Highway Safety Program Resources
Lead and Asbestos Abatement - Buildings
Lead and Asbestos Remediation Planning
Natural Resources (vegetation, EA, EO, Materials, etc.)
Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (non-medical)
Safe Routes to School Consultant Study
Section 404 Permit (Clean Water Act)
Section 408 Permit (Levee)
Security Systems and Services
SWPPPs (Stormwater Pollution Prevention)
SWPPPs (Stormwater Pollution Prevention) Planning
SWPPPs and Dust Control
Traffic Field Data Analysis and Reporting
Traffic Field Data Collection
Traffic Impact Study
Traffic Operations and Safety Evaluations
Transportation Safety Planning
Tribal Consultant
Water Quality
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