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Arizona's Unified Transportation Registration and Certification System Arizona's Transportation Business Portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Login/User Access Questions

  • Do I need a login for the AZ UTRACS system, in order to use the AZ UTRACS Firm Directory to find and reach out to other transportation businesses working in Arizona?

    No. The AZ UTRACS Firm Directory is a public directory. Anyone can search and access the information on the site without logging into the AZ UTRACS System.

  • The activation email isn’t working, what can I do to get access to the system?

    Go to, click “Log in” at the top right, and find the “resend email activation” link on the login page. Enter your email and click resend and a new activation email should arrive in your inbox in minutes.

  • Why doesn’t my activation email work?

    There is more than one reason why the “activate” link may not work on the email you received.

    • The link on the activation email that you receive after you create a login is only active for 48 hours. If you registered more than 48 hours ago and you are trying to click the link with no success, go back to, click “Log in” at the top right, and find the "resend email activation" link on the login page. Enter your email and hit resend and a new activation email will be sent.
    • If your activation email is moved to your junk folder, your email provider may have deactivated any links within the email. If that is the case, move the email to your inbox, and try the link again. You can also resend the activation email if needed.
  • How do I change the Primary or Secondary User?

    Log in to the AZ UTRACS Registration System and open your firm’s submitted registration and update the contacts. If the listed individuals don’t already have a user id and password to the system, they will receive an email indicating that they may now login to update the AZ UTRACS Registration and other firm employee’s access to the AZ UTRACS Bidders/Proposers List.

Firm Registration Questions

  • Does my firm need to complete an AZ UTRACS Registration?

    Yes, all firms need to register and maintain an AZ UTRACS Registration to work on federally funded projects. Firms benefit from completing the registration because a firm profile is added to the AZ UTRACS Firm (DBE) Search Directory. DBE firms are automatically added to the AZ UTRACS Directory when their DBE Certification becomes active. Pending DBE firm may choose to complete an AZ UTRACS Registration while waiting for their certification request to be processed, in order to be listed in the AZ UTRACS Firm Directory sooner.

  • Why is the AZ UTRACS Registration required for my firm?

    CFR 49 Part 26.11 requires ADOT to "create and maintain a bidders list to provide as accurate data as possible about the universe of DBE and non-DBE contractors and subcontractors who seek to work on...Federally-assisted contracts". The AZ UTRACS Registration process is ADOT’s process for ensuring compliance. All firms working on ADOT projects or being listed as a bidder or proposer on a federally funded contract with ADOT or its subrecipients should complete an AZ UTRACS registration

  • How do I get access to the AZ UTRACS System to start my AZ UTRACS Registration?

    Firms who had an active AZ UTRACS Registration prior to July 1, 2016 will have their registration automatically transferred into the new AZ UTRACS System. The firm’s primary email address in the old system will receive an email providing instructions to gain access to the new system. The email recipient will click the web link on the email to access the system in a compatible web browser and will then be prompted to set up a password in the new system. Once logged in, the user will be able to quickly review the firm’s registration information and update the Firm’s Profile as needed. Firms should be sure to add the work categories relevant to their firm to ensure other firms can search for them by the type of work the firm does.

    Firms who want to start a new registration may begin by clicking “Log in” at the top of the page and then selecting the “Request System Access” link. The Register link opens a New User Registration form. By providing basic contact information including an email address, the requestor will receive an email with a link to access the AZ UTRACS Registration System. Once logged in, a user can begin the AZ UTRACS firm registration. The entire form will be blank. When completing the application, almost all fields are required fields.

  • Is there a limit to how many users each firm can have for the AZ UTRACS Application?

    Yes. A firm is limited to two individuals who can complete and maintain the AZ UTRACS Registration for the firm. The first time a firm submits an AZ UTRACS Registration, a firm must designate a primary and secondary contact. The primary and secondary contacts entered, become the only firm personnel who can complete the AZ UTRACS Registration and in the future, maintain the Firm’s Profile in the Firm Search Directory. Keep in mind, the firm’s two contacts will be listed in the Firm’s profile, so carefully consider who should represent the firm.

    These two individuals will also provide access to the Bidders/Proposers List for other firm employees as needed.

    When the registration form is submitted, the secondary person will be sent an email to create an AZ UTRACS username if they don’t have one already. Once they are able to log in they can begin or update an existing AZ UTRACS Registration that they are a primary or secondary contact for.

  • How often will a firm need to update or renew an active AZ UTRACS Registration?

    An AZ UTRACS Registration is good for three years. The data provided in the AZ UTRACS Registration is displayed in a firm’s profile in the Firm Search Directory. Each firm’s primary contact will receive emails alerting them when the firm registration needs to be renewed. However, firms are encouraged to update their profile often, so it more accurately reflects the work that the firm can do with the most up-to-date contact information. Each time a profile is updated, the registration is renewed for another three years. If you are close to the date of the expiration, you will receive a reminder email prompting you to login and update the firm profile.

  • How do I register as a Small Business Concern (SBC)?

    With the new AZ UTRACS system ADOT is able to streamline the Small Business Concern registration process. DBEs are automatically SBC registered and eligible small business firms can easily register as an SBC, by answering a few additional questions at the end of the AZ UTRACS registration.

  • Why isn’t my firm in the dropdown list when I try to update my firm’s profile?

    You will first need to request access by putting the firm name Tax ID in the “Register Your Firm” box to the right of the dropdown list. If the primary and secondary contacts are already established the names and contact information will be provided for you so that you can contact them. You must be a primary or secondary contact to update a firm registration.

Bidders List Questions

  • How does a firm create an online Bidders or Proposer List?

    A user must get a system log in and then have the primary or secondary contact listed on their active AZ UTRACS registration give them access to the firm.

    Once the user permissions are set up, the user can click the Contract Compliance Menu and select Bidders/Proposers List to start a list. From the landing page, read the instructions, and click “Start Bidders/Proposers List” to begin. You must log in to use the online Bidders List. Utilize the “Quick Tips” provided and follow the on-site directions to create and submit a Bidders/Proposers List.

  • How many people can I give access to the Bidders List?

    You can give as many individuals access to the Bidders List as your firm needs. You can easily manage who has access by going to the Contract Compliance menu and clicking “Grant Firm Access.” Here you can easily add and delete user access.

  • How does a person get access to the Bidders/Proposers List program?

    Only firms with an active AZ UTRACS Registration can use the AZ UTRACS Online Bidders/Proposers List. Once the AZ UTRACS Registration is submitted and the status is "active," the Primary and Secondary Contacts for the firm can submit bidder’s lists or can provide access to other members of their firm to submit lists on the firm’s behalf. To give someone access, select the Contract Compliance Menu and select “Grant Firm Access.” On this screen, you can easily follow the instructions to add users by providing a valid email address for each user. The user status will remain as "in process" until the first time the user accesses the site from the email link provided.

    With access to the firm, the user will also need to request system access using the link on the “Log in” page. The user will provide an email and password and will receive an “activation” email and can then then log in to start a Bidders/Proposers List.

  • What is the purpose of the Bidders /Proposers List?

    ADOT and other state and local agencies rely on contractors, consultants and vendors from the business community to perform a variety of projects or to purchase goods and services. The Bidders/Proposers List will connect you with the latest transportation-related bid and procurement opportunities from ADOT and a variety of state and local agencies.

  • I am trying to submit a Bidder/Proposer List but our firm name does not appear in the AZUTRACS Registered Firms dropdown menu. Why?

    Since your firm is creating this Bidder/Proposer List, if there are no subcontracting opportunities (meaning if you will be working on the project alone with no other firms) all you do is hit submit and your Bidder/Proposer List will be complete.

Search Function Questions

  • How do I find DBEs to work on transportation projects??

    It's easy. Select the “Tools & Resources” button on the menu and select “DBE Quick Search” and the current list of DBEs will be opened. Export these search results or refine them in the AZ UTRACS Firm Search Directory to find firms that do a specific type of work or filter by other available search criteria. Results can be exported at any time for ease of use.

  • Why isn’t my firm listed in the search?

    This could be due to a few issues. If your firm does not have an active AZUTRACS registration, it will not appear in the search results. You can quickly register for free by creating a login to the site and registering your firm with the Tax ID. Once you do so the firm will become visible in the search.

    If your firm registration has expired you will need to update your registration; only active firms are registered in the AZ UTRACS system. You can determine whether or not your firm has expired by looking at the status in the dropdown on either the registration page or bidder’s list page. The firm will either say “In Process” or “Active” in parentheses to the right. Full site availability and functionality is for “Active” firms only.

  • Why does my firm have duplicate listings in the AZ UTRACS (DBE) Firm Directory?

    There are various reasons for AZ UTRACS to have multiple listings for a firm. When a firm is DBE certified an AZ UTRACS registration is automatically created.

    - To avoid duplicate entries, (if you register your firm before your DBE certification is finalized), Always! use the same Tax Payer ID associated with the firm that is registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

    - Another reason is more than one person from the same firm registered the firm in AZ UTRACS.

    - An additional reason is the original firm registration became locked therefore, another firm registration was created.

General Questions

  • Is there a cost to completing or maintaining a profile on the AZ UTRACS Firm Directory?

    Not at all, an AZ UTRACS registration is totally free!

  • Which browsers are AZ UTRACS compatible?

    The site was built to perform optimally with Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome. Some users have also reported success using Safari, however, there is no guarantee that future updates will continue to support Safari.

    Visit Microsoft to download the most recent version of Internet Explorer for free, if you experience issues with another “unsupported” browser.

  • Why did ADOT change its AZ UTRACS website in 2016?

    The new AZ UTRACS offers a simpler, more streamlined process for completing an AZ UTRACS Registration. The system includes a dual registration process for Small Business Concerns, and automatically registers DBEs who have submitted the same information as part of the Certification application. The improved search engine, allows firms to more easily find one another to partner together and work on Arizona transportation projects. This robust search engine allows firms to search for AZ UTRACS registered firms and DBEs, ACDBEs, and SBCs, all in one search. Prime contractors and Prime consultants can search for DBE and SBC firms by specific work categories and confirm what type of work can be done for DBE credit, to assist them in meeting contract requirements. The AZ UTRACS System also features a new online Bidders/Proposers list which provides a convenient way for Primes to instantly confirm which firms are AZ UTRACS registered.

  • How do I access the ADOT DBE System?

    ADOT DBE System is still found at Now it is just one part of the AZ UTRACS web portal. AZ UTRACS Registrations are no longer submitted through this system but can be submitted at ADOT recommends firms always come to and then navigate from the home page to the ADOT DBE System using the Quick Log in link.

  • How do I apply for DBE Certification on the AZ UTRACS Web Portal?

    Firms wishing to apply for DBE Certification must go to and then, from the home page, select the Registration/Certification Menu and select DBE Certification (New). This Certification page provides instructions on how to apply for DBE Certification and reviews the qualifications required to become certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). The DBE Certification application must be turned in to the proper UCP certifying entity, based on the firm’s primary location.

  • How do ADOT and Local Public Agency personnel access the ADOT DBE System from the new AZ UTRACS Web Portal?

    ADOT personnel and Local Public Agency (LPA) personnel who access the ADOT DBE System, can go to the AZ UTRACS Home page,, and utilize the "Who are you?" website section to find links to the ADOT DBE System and the LPA DBE System, utilizing the same URLS that have been used in the past. In future, these individuals can also utilize the “Quick Links” on the home page to quickly navigate between the AZ UTRACS and ADOT DBE System.

  • What does the Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) do for ADOT?

    The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) is responsible for ensuring that ADOT, its subrecipients, contractors, and consultants achieve full compliance with all applicable federal regulations related to disadvantaged and small business inclusion, equal and fair employment opportunity in contracting as well as on-the-job training for women and minorities in the construction trades, by facilitating:

    • ADOT's good faith efforts to meet overall DBE participation goals
    • Compliance with all applicable federal requirements
    • Equal Employment Opportunity contractor compliance and On-the-Job Training contractor compliance to provide training and employment opportunities for women, minorities and economically disadvantaged individuals in the construction industry
  • What services does BECO provide for small and disadvantaged businesses?

    The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) provides valuable training and resources for socially and economically Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and small businesses. Each year, BECO hosts networking and training events throughout the state to benefit DBEs, and Small Business Concerns (SBCs). Primes and Subcontractors are also encouraged to attend these events to network and learn valuable information about ADOT contract compliance and other procedures. BECO also provides Business Development Programs to help small businesses find work on Arizona’s Transportation projects.

  • Why doesn’t my firm show I’m a DBE?

    The DBE certification process is automatically updated in AZ UTRACS nightly as firms are certified they are automatically registered in AZ UTRACS.

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