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Bidders/Proposers List

In compliance with 49 CFR Part 26.11, ADOT requires contractors and consultants submitting a bid, proposal, or statement of qualifications to work on a federally funded transportation project, to provide ADOT with a list of every firm who expressed interest in or submitted a bid or proposal to work on the project. Each project’s advertisement or solicitation will provide the specifics for meeting this requirement. Any firm being awarded work as a prime or sub, MUST be AZ UTRACS registered.

The AZ UTRACS system has an online Bidders/Proposers List application to assist firms in quickly and efficiently providing this information. Contractors and Consultants should encourage any firm who contacts them about a project to register in the AZ UTRACS Registration System. The Bidders/Proposers List application allows any AZ UTRACS registered firm to be added with just one click. Firms will have to manually enter information for any firm not AZ UTRACS registered.

A Bidders/Proposers List may be submitted by any employee in a firm, as long as the firm has an Active AZ UTRACS Registration.* See right-column box for more information.

Once access has been provided, a user can log into the AZ UTRACS system, quickly create a new Bidder’s/Proposer’s List, and submit it. The list can also be saved and submitted at a later time, so a user can add to it over time as they work with various firms. The system also boasts the ability to copy from an existing project list, to help save time when firms work with the same group of firms for a different project.

Once a list is submitted, the creator of the list will receive email verification and should follow any additional instructions in the specific advertisement /solicitation to ensure the requirement to submit a Bidders/Proposers list requirement is met. For help with this process, contact the Business Engagement and Compliance Office by email at or call 602.712.8000.


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* Access to Bidders List

The AZ UTRACS Registration process requires a firm to establish a Primary and Secondary contact. These two individuals may provide access for other firm employees, as needed. Your Firm profile will show the Primary and Secondary contacts. Note: If you are the primary or secondary contact, you may grant access to other firm employees any time, as needed.

Firms that do not have an Active AZ UTRACS Registration, may NOT submit a Bidder or Proposer List, until an active AZ UTRACS Registration is established.

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