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AZ UTRACS Registration

AZ UTRACS Registration is a business registration required for all firms who wish to work on federally funded transportation projects in Arizona, including Prime Contractors and Prime Consultants, Subcontractors, Subconsultants, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), and Small Business Concerns (SBCs).

This registration satisfies a federal requirement (49 CFR Part 26.11(c)) for ADOT to maintain a bidder’s list to help the agency calculate its overall triennial DBE for FHWA, FTA and FAA funded contracts, as well calculate individual contract goals for FHWA funded contracts.

The benefit to your firm for completing this registration (beyond meeting the mandate) is that your firm is added to the AZ UTRACS Transportation Business Directory and a comprehensive firm profile is created at no cost to your firm, to advertise your firm’s capabilities to the business community and where your firm is willing to do work. This enables firms to find one another and partner together to complete Arizona Transportation projects. The firm directory also helps firms find DBEs and SBCs needed to meet specific contract requirements.


Registration Renewal at least every three years

Your firm’s AZ UTRACS Registration is good for three years. At the end of the three years, your firm's primary email address will receive a notification to renew the Registration for another three years. ADOT’s recommendation is that you review this profile once a year to ensure your firm profile accurately reflects information about your company.

Any time your firm profile is updated, your firm's registration deadline is extended for another three years.

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