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DBE Certification

ACDBE Certification

ACDBE Certifications do not expire; however, ACDBE firms are required to submit an Annual Update/Affidavit of “no change” attesting that there has been no major change in the firm’s circumstances in order to maintain ACDBE certification. The deadline for the Annual Update varies based on the City of Phoenix process. A copy of the firm’s most recent tax return must be submitted with the Annual Update.

ACDBE Certification renewals are processed exclusively by the City of Phoenix, ACDBE applicants must submit their ACDBE certification renewal to the City of Phoenix. Renewals submitted to the incorrect certifying entity will not be processed. Firms that do not submit required renewal documentation in a timely manner are considered non-responsive and may be decertified, if renewal information is not received as required.

If you have an existing account, you may log in to the ACDBE System now and begin or continue your ACDBE Certification renewal application.

Interstate ACDBE Certifications

To apply for Interstate ACDBE Certification, the firm seeking certification must already be ACDBE certified in their home state. If you are not certified in your home state, your interstate certification application will be returned.

All Interstate ACDBE Certification applications, except for DBE’s, are handled and processed by the City of Phoenix and must be submitted through the City of Phoenix DBE system.

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